Citizens Advice LeicesterShire aims:

• To improve the policies and practices that unfairly affect people’s lives through our campaigns work.

When someone contacts Citizens Advice, the root cause of their problem is often an unfair policy, practice or piece of legislation. Some practices are national, such as payday loans. Some are national but administered according to local policies and practices such as housing benefit, health and education. Others are local, such as local authority collection of council tax arrears.

Example of an unfair practice

Citizens Advice clients were being scammed out of money by post, phone, e-mail and on the doorstep. There were a number of different scams going on and new ones springing up all the time.

Our campaign

To see the scale of the problem in the local area the local Citizens Advice surveyed 89 clients, and used the local paper the to encourage others to respond to the survey. Using findings the local Citizens Advice wrote to their MP, who after reading their report agreed to champion the scam issues his constituents raise locally and in Parliament. The results were also sent to local trading standards contacts, who met with Citizens Advice to discuss ways of working together on this.

Get involved

All of us are affected by the rules and ways of working which shape the services and benefits that we all rely on. In order for us to improve unfair policies and practices and work towards a fairer society, we need your help. Here are a few of the ways you can help us campaign for positive change:

Our campaigns in the news

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