It was amazing to work with you all. I have learnt so many things and had my best experience ever. I had a fabulous time with you all. Thank you so much for everything, you all helped me a lot.


The Contact Centre has made a big difference to me. It’s made me more confident personally and it has provided me with lots of opportunities to develop skills at my own pace. These skills have been vital in helping me secure a career that I want. As well as gaining vital experience, I’ve met some great people on the way. I would recommend volunteering at the Contact Centre to anyone.


I would actually like to thank you sincerely for letting me volunteer for Citizens Advice Bureau. If it wasn’t for you and your team I would not have landed a new job at Learn Direct as a Customer Service Advisor!


Volunteering at the CAB has been a great opportunity to gain experience handling peoples queries on everyday issues we all face. It gave me the chance to help people find their way to resolve their problems by exploring and learning about areas unfamiliar to me and also the chance to meet and work with lovely people beside me.


I was very impressed by the way the LeicesterShire CAB undertook the contact centre training, which allowed me to quickly commence dealing with the diverse range of members of the public who contact the Contact Centre for initial information. During my time with the CAB I was confronted with a number of challenging issues which ranged from members of the public having to deal with debt issues and those in abusive relationships. The range of enquiries was unpredictable and constantly changing. I found the voluntary experience thoroughly enjoyable; not only did it provide a much needed relevant skill base during my period of unemployment, it also helped me to build my general confidence within the call centre industry.


The training was very good and the support received whilst being on the phones was brilliant. Really enjoyed volunteering with the CAB and giving back to the community. I would definitely recommend volunteering to others.


In 2010 I had treatment for breast cancer which I am now clear of. For a couple of hours a week CAB gave me back my self esteem, confidence and social skills because i was in an environment where I was my old self again. I have taken those skills into paid employment but at some stage I hope to rejoin CAB and repay it for helping me get focussed. I volunteered for 1 year (12 hours per week) and enjoyed every aspect and day of it.


Helping out at CAB was the best thing I’ve done in a long time. To truly feel as though you are helping people is a beautiful feeling to have. I wish I could have stayed there longer but work commitments mean I can’t. The staff there are brilliant and it’s like one big family where everyone helps each other. Great place to work!


I would say that my experience at the CAB has been fantastic, I have learnt a lot whilst volunteering for the bureau. I now have knowledge in some aspects of law. the experience has given me a lot of confidence in speaking to the general public. I have found pride in helping people who are struggling with various issues. I have also been able to make friends with other volunteers.


I have been volunteering at Leicester city bureau for 12 months. Originally I began my journey here to gain more experience and knowledge, however I stayed because I feel incredibly loyal to the organisation and those who keep this very complex machine going. My experience here has been invaluable and I could not have hoped to be a part of such an important organisation that plays such an integral role in our community. I have received excellent training from our supervisors and my mentor Sue Beasley and have been involved in different courses such as money management training and immigration training which has significantly increased my knowledge and allowed me to provide a better service to our clients. I have been presented with great opportunities such as representing the volunteers of the Leicester city Contact Centre in inter-bureau gatherings which has really helped to make me feel included in the organisation and allows our voices to be heard, which as volunteers is very important to feel. My time here has been invaluable and I will be volunteering well into the future to expand my role and give more to this organisation.